Friday, 17 January 2014

My Team's OOC Schedule Can Beat Up Your Team's OOC Schedule

By HD Handshoe

So I'm guessing you figured out the title of this piece is a play-on-words taken from the old "My Dad can beat up your Dad," argument.

I know in the past, the Buckeyes have, and still continue to work hard at scheduling out of conference games verses other quality BCS teams.

And sure, they also have played some cupcakes along the way—But who hasn't?

The bottom line however here is that I dare any fan of any other program to provide me with evidence that would suggest that their team has scheduled, and played in as many big-time OOC games as my team, The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Here is every OOC game Ohio State has played since 2000, as well as the OOC games from 2009 and those that have been scheduled so far, all the way through 2019. That's a span of 20 years.

Bowl game opponents (**) are also noted, and included.

2000 - Fresno State, Arizona, Miami (OH), **South Carolina

2001 - Akron, UCLA, San Diego State, **South Carolina

2002 - Texas Tech, Washington State, Cincinnati, San Jose State, **Miami (FL)

2003 - Washington, San Diego State, NC State, BGSU, **Kansas State

2004 - Cincinnati, Marshall, NC State, **Oklahoma State

2005 - Miami (OH), Texas, San Diego State, **Notre Dame

2006 - Northern Illinois, Texas, Cincinnati, BGSU, **Florida

2007 - YSU, Akron, Washington, Kent State, **LSU

2008 - YSU, Ohio, USC, Troy, **Texas

2009 - Navy, USC, Toledo, New Mexico State, **Oregon

2010 - Marshall, Miami (FL), Ohio, Eastern Michigan

2011 - Akron, Toledo, Miami (FL), fourth OOC game still TBD

2012 - Miami (OH), Cincinnati, California, UAB

2013 - California, three OOC games still TBD

2014 - Navy, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, Kent State

2015 - Virginia Tech, three OOC games still TBD

2016 - Oklahoma, three OOC games still TBD

2017 - Oklahoma, three OOC games still TBD

2018 - Tennessee, three OOC games still TBD

2019 - Tennessee, three OOC games still TBD

Now, I know Ohio State hasn't won every one of these OOC games, nor will they win all of those yet to be played.

That is not the point here. The point is they are scheduling big games verses top notch opponents like no other school in the country and have been for a very long time.

There have been rumors the Ohio State has been trying to schedule home and home two-game series with other SEC opponents such as Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and LSU but I have no confirmation as of yet.

I had actually heard that the home and home in 2018 and 2019 with Tennessee was supposed to be Georgia, but UGA didn't want to play in Columbus.

If you wish to dispute me on this, that's fine, but you better bring an arsenal of knowledge with you and plenty of big time OOC games for any team you claim is doing a better job at going out and playing other top-level teams.

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